Sunday, 14 August 2011

Where has time gone...

It really starts to amaze me how everytime I seem to blink another week slips by.  Working full time and working in the job I _actually_ love in every moment out side of this is something that's taking alot of effort of late to balance. 

Some days it's starting to do my head in. 

Since my last post I have been busily working away at more fused pendants, more gyspy bracelets, my "signature" spotted lampwork bracelets.  When I added it up i've spent a month away from the torch after finally getting back to it last weekend.  For me that's a loooooong time and certainly explains why in the first 5 minutes I had seared flesh... but however, with my thumb recovering I was still able to put out some new creations and remind myself why I'm doing all of it.  Those small amounts of sanity that these moments provide... *smiles*

Now to start gearing up for BrisStyle on friday :)